Morwong Spot

Latitude  30 degrees 16 minutes 40 seconds

Longitude 153 degrees 21 minutes 30 seconds

Bearing 280 degrees - Split Solitary over water tower

Bearing 310 degrees - South Solitary over Groper Islet

Other fishing spots in the general area:

East of Solitary Island: Top deep reef that produces trag, jew, snapper, pearl perch and a host of other species.
NORTH WEST MARK: Western tip of Groper Islet in line with the northern tip of Woolgoolga Mountain.
SOUTH WEST MARK:Split Solitary island in line with the middle of End Peak.

Marsh Shoal: An inshore ground worth looking at early in the morning or late in the afternoon for snapper and jew.
NORTH MARK: Western side of Split Solitary in line with the centre of Groper Islet.
NORTH WEST MARK: Northern face of White Bluff lined-up with Moonee Beach Hill.

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