Pearl Perch

Latitude  30 degrees 11 minutes 15 seconds

Longitude 153 degrees 20 minutes 30 seconds

Bearing 290 degrees - Groper Islet over Bare Bluff

Bearing 245 degrees - South Solitary Island over Split Solitary

Other fishing spots in this general area:

Split Solitary: easily recogniseable because it appears to have been cleaved in two by an giant axe. Big tailer, kings snapper and many other bottom species can be found around the island and on the reefs just east of the island. Be extra careful on the eastern side of the island where the bommie can break without warning.

South Solitary: (The light) is about 9 kms north east of the harbour. Huge tailer and kings in the nightmare class, spanish mackerel, wahoo, amberjack, samson fish, snapper and other reef species are all represented here. There is an extensive area of reef and wastes around the island which all fish well. Trolling with baits or lures and live bait and berley from an anchored or dnfting boat is the best way to locate pelagic species. During the mackerel season a trolled live slimy mackerel with a stinger hook near the tail fished early in the morning can be worthwhile.
          Unweighted pilchards and lures cast into the washes around the island can produce snapper, kings, mackerel, cobia and big tailer over 4kgs. The reefs north of the island often have fish traps and dolphin fish take up residence around the marker buoys during the summer months.
          Black Rock  and the wash are always worth a prospect with a lightly weighted bait or lures. Some big bream and tailer as well as snapper lie under the white water, but don't be too surprised to see that 2kg tailer disappear in a green and gold swirl as the kings here are enormous.
          Standard bottom fishing methods will work on the reefs which surround the island, but best results come from fishing as light as possible.

    Groper Isle; to the north west of South Solitary is a good producer of snapper, mackerel, kings, a host of bottom fish and big cobia. The northern and eastern sides fish best with live bait, but as with the other islands be careful when working in close.

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