Snapper Spot

Latitude  30 degrees 23 minutes

Longitude 153 degrees 12 minutes 30 seconds

Bearing 260 degrees - Sawtell water tanks over Triple Peak

Bearing 312 degrees - South Breakwater entrance over End Peak

Other fishing spots in the general area:

Sawtell Shoal: Two and half kilometres off coast, this shoal covers large area of reef that yields snapper, jew, spanish mackerel and a host of tropical and temperate water reef fish.
MARKS: Head off the middle of Sawtell Beach for 2.5 kilometres.


Whitmore Shoal: Often produces a hot bite on snapper early in the morning and also yields spotted and spanish mackerel.
MARKS: As for Sawtell Shoal but head due north until just north of Boambee Creek.


Sawtell Islet: This island just off the coast is always worth prospecting with an unweighted gar or pilchard bait for tailer, jew or snapper. But don't forget to fish with wire during summer as spanish mackerel are not uncommon around these washes.

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