The Patch

Latitude  30 degrees 26 minutes

Longitude 153 degrees 12 minutes 30 seconds

Bearing 278 degrees - North Beach Surf Club over Mt Lookout

Bearing 338 degrees - Muttonbird Island over Woody Hill

Other fishing spots in the general area:

Bottom Bashers: This area of reef, while hard to get on to, is good for bottom fish. Good flathead are also scored around the outside of the reef.
NORTH WEST MARK: Large brick house in middle of two other smaller houses in line with Woody Hill.
SOUTHERN MARK: Western side of Korffs Islet over the water tank on Sawtell headland.

The Patch: An extensive area of reef which fishes well for most species. Some large samson fish turn up here at times while spanish mackerel move in during autumn and summer. From the Patch to the Shelf, the months of June and September produce a good run of yellowfin tuna and striped marlin with longline vessels also bringing in a number of broadbill during this time.
Anglers with larger boats can find some exciting action on the shelf. From December to late May mackerel, wahoo, blade marlin, longtail tuna, and many tropical reef species show-up. Snapper, jew, trag, cobia, kings and other temperate species are an all year round proposition.
NORTH MARK: Korffs Islet over Woody Hill.
WESTERN MARK: Drive down northern mark you see a forestry hut which you line-up over Pine Creek Hill. A sounder is a great asset finding this smaller reef.

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