Trag Spot

Latitude  30 degrees 18 minutes

Longitude 153 degrees 12 minutes 50 seconds

Bearing 260 degrees - Muttonbird Island over Triple Peak

Bearing 320 degrees - Split Solitary over Green Bluff

Changte Shoal or Bullocky: Prominent reef that rises from 16 to 3 fathoms. Species that frequent this area include snapper, morwong, teraglin, and a host of other reef fish. Spanish mackerel plus a variety of different tuna species and even numbers of black marlin have also been taken here. With the right moon and tide, the jew bite can be very hot.
NORTH WEST MARK: End Peak in line with Park Beach Bommie.
WESTERN MARK: Beacon Hill mark in line with the highest pointy hill behind Coffs township.
SOUTH WEST MARK: Northern tip of Korffs Islet lined-up with the highest of the Triple Peaks behind Boambee Creek.

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